Coordinator UO

- Bases of linear mechanics of failure

  - crack mode propagation, crack displacement jump

 - Crack growth criterion

- Interaction of cracks

- Effective properties of cracked solids :  bases for monitoring and assessment of crack state

- Subcritical growth : environmental impact

- Cyclic  loading, fatigue, assessment of fatigue and life prediction technics

Time dependent behavior and failure of materials and structures

- Creep : mechanismes for time dependent behavior

  - Viscoelasticity : Maxwell, Kelvin, Burger solids

 - Viscoplasticity : Lemaitre time dependent model, Norton model

 - Delayed failure of materials and structures

This first lecture in this module aims at giving the basic concepts of durability of materials and structures in the contexte of a sustainable development of society, seen more and more not as a simple technical issue but also as an economic and environmental one. 

The main objective of this lecture is to give the definitions of durability, a historical evolution of concepts, the place of durability in the  general framework of sustainability. Some technical concepts (stress, strain, yield surface, criterions) are also recalled